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The Basics of Christian Beliefs

The basics of Christian beliefs are simple but powerful. The basic tenets of Christianity are that God is one, that Jesus is the Son of God, that we need a saviour, that he died for our sins, and that he Read more

Religion in History – Methods Used to Study Religion

The history of religion covers the written evidence of ancient human religious ideas, emotions, and beliefs. This time of religious history starts with the creation of writing about five, 220 years ago. The earliest prehistorians of religion include the history Read more


Why Go To Church?

The surprising benefits of going to church aren’t just about having a spiritual life. If you are someone who does not feel like going to church on Sundays because of the traffic or the weather or other distractions, then it Read more

brass band instruments

Brass Band Instruments For Church Bands

Traditionally, church bands have always stuck to the pop-rock format for their lineup. A signer/guitarist, a drummer and a bassist is the common setup, with perhaps more signers or even a choir to go along with it. Brass instruments have Read more


Sunday School Sessions

When you look for a private Christian church school, you may be surprised to find out how few actually exist. This is because this kind of schooling was so taboo years ago that the public even had a fear of Read more

mouse trap

Rats in the Kitchen – Call Pest Control

Here at the church, we had a problem with rats in some of the backrooms of the church, including the kitchen which is not ideal, so we decided to enlist the help of some pest control professionals in the area. Read more


Catholic Education

Congregation for Catholic Education Joining efforts in a broad educational alliance According to some recent data provided by international agencies, around ten million children will not have access to education in the coming years, widening the existing educational gap. Vatican Read more


Teacher of Religious Education

Description The teacher of religious education deal with processes of teaching, learning and development of religion. They are active in the sector of religious education in schools. In planning and defining teaching, religious education teachers take full account of didactic Read more