Celebrities Who Go to Church

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8 celebrities who go to Church Often

The world of celebrities tends to be seen as distant and sometimes even hostile to religious experience, but even in this environment, faith can sometimes stand out. Several renowned artists make a point of exposing their faith in public and the frequency with which they attend services and masses becomes known to their fans, encouraging them to seek some spiritual growth as well.

Here is a list of celebrities who are always in the church

Marcos Mion

Just over a year ago, the presenter’s life became an ongoing testimony of faith. After facing cancer with his wife, he and his family became regular believers in the Catholic Church and their conversion was widely publicized. Mion often attributes his approach to the Christian faith to the family he formed. On social media, photos published by himself showing his children in prayer became frequent.

Reese Witherspoon

She attends a Catholic church in Santa Monica, in the United States, and more than once she was photographed going to Mass on Sundays. The actress, known for starring in films like “Legally Blonde” is the mother of two children and married in 2011 with the actor Jim Toth.

Justin Bieber

The singer who recently released a break from his career to “dedicate himself more to Jesus Christ”, attends the Hillsong evangelical church in New York. However, even before that period of rest, the singer never stopped attending services whenever he could, becoming even close to the church leader, pastor Carl Lentz. When he was still Selena Gomez’s boyfriend, the two used to participate in Bible studies at Hillsong.

Isabella Fiorentino

The model and presenter of the Fashion Squad program at SBT is a practicing Catholic. In December 2016 she was confirmed at the Church of Nossa Senhora do Brasil, in São Paulo, and celebrated this step of faith with her followers on social networks. Isabella has demonstrated her Catholic faith for some time and it is even possible to follow the presenter’s religious routine through her Instagram profile, where she usually publishes photos of herself at Sunday morning masses and helping with the Pastoral de Rua actions, which take place at Praça da Sé, also in São Paulo.

Mark Wahlberg

The 46-year-old star, famous for acting in action films like Transformers and The Shooter, is a devoted Catholic and has already declared that going to church is a daily habit. In 2012, during an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight program, he said he likes to pray for about 15 to 20 minutes every morning at church. In addition, he participates in masses on weekends and has among his best friends, the priest of that community. Faith was also important for Wahlberg to face a number of problems and to continue his career. In 2015, the actor was master of ceremonies at the World Meeting of Families , which took place in Philadelphia, in the United States, and was attended by Pope Francis.

Jennifer Garner

The 45-year-old actress is known in Brazil for her performance in films like “Suddenly 30” and “Elektra” and has already told in interviews that she grew up going to church with her family every Sunday. The Los Angeles job and career ended up distancing Jennifer from religious practice, but after the separation between her and actor Ben Affleck, she went back to church services at the Methodist church. The recordings of the film Milagres do Paraíso also contributed to the actress’s return to faith.

Denzel Washington

Known for acting in action films such as Training Day, The Book of Eli and Double Dose, Denzel Washington is an evangelical, the son of a petencostal pastor and attends the West Angeles Church of God in Christ. It was in this church, even, that the actor claims to have had a profound experience with the Holy Spirit at the age of 20. In an interview with GQ magazine in 2012, he said that this experience scared him, but it was gratifying. Reading the bible has also been mentioned by the actor in several interviews, as being a daily habit in his life.

Jim Caviezel

The actor who played Jesus Christ in the film “The Passion of Christ”, directed by Mel Gibson, is a Catholic and has already said that the Mass is a source of constant strengthening, because that is where he meets Jesus. Recently, in an interview with the Polish portal Polityce, he said that even today he regrets not having more closely followed the visit that Pope John Paul II made to the United States in 1987. Despite this, the actor has in John Paul II a great inspiration and made a point of visiting the Pope’s tomb on his visit to the Vatican.