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Witness to Hope Campaign


Witness to Hope Campaign – St. Robert Bellarmine Parish

Witness to Hope is the Diocese of Lansing’s first-ever capital campaign.  The goal of this diocese-wide effort is to raise at least $65 million to build stronger parishes, inspire greater faith, and meet the universal needs of the church.

As noted in the March issue of Faith Magazine, the Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Lansing was established last year as a separate and distinct non-profit organization under the guidance of Bishop Boyea and its Board of Directors, to receive, administer and distribute funds raised through Witness to Hope.   Over $20 million in endowments will be established at the new Catholic Foundation through Witness to Hope, thus funding critical ministries in perpetuity.

You can find out more about Witness to Hope, including the weekly parish reports, on the campaign website:


Monthly Pledge My Sacrifice Equals Total 5-Year                       Pledge
$167 $5.56 per day, take out lunch $10,000
$100 $3.34 per day, premium coffee $6,000
$50 $1.67 per day, large soda $3,000
$25 83¢ per day

Lottery ticket=$1




What is a pledge?

A pledge is a good-faith promise that offers you a way to be generous over a period of time. Pledges are not legally binding in the State of Michigan.
When will I receive reminders to make payments on my pledge?

Unless you indicate that you would like a later start date on your pledge card, you will begin receiving reminders a few weeks after you make your pledge. You can choose whether to receive those reminders on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
To whom should checks be made?

Checks should be made out to “Witness to Hope.”  Please note that all gifts are tax deductible!
How were parish goals determined?

Each parish goal is based on an amount equal to the total offertory for that parish.  We will receive a parish share of one-half of the amount up to the goal and sixty-five percent of every dollar raised over the goal.
What happens if we do not reach our goal?

If parish does not reach its goal, there will be NO assessment to make up the difference.  The parish is simply required to make a “good faith” effort.
How will I be asked to participate?

Every household in the parish will receive a pledge packet.  If you did not receive your packet, please call the parish office at (810) 659-2501.
Is my gift confidential?

Yes, the gift packet you receive will be personal to you and your family and will not be shared with any other member of the parish community.
How much should I give?

Each household will be asked for a gift in a gift range, not a specific amount.  You will be asked to give this your prayerful consideration and make a Decision of Faith based on the spiritual principles that we should give out of Gratitude for the gifts God has given us, out of Joy rather than obligation, and finally out of Love, as Christ showed His Selfless Love for all of us.
How will I be reminded about my payments?

The Diocese of Lansing is handling all of the pledge redemption efforts at no cost to the parish and will send out regular reminders based on the frequency you request (Monthly, Quarterly, etc.).
How will the parish receive its share?

Based on the actual funds collected during each quarter beginning with the first dollar raised, the diocese will send the parish a quarterly share check for its portion of the funds over the full redemption period.
Will we be conducting the D.S.A. as well as Witness to Hope in 2017?

No, we will not be conducting the Diocesan Services Appeal in 2017. We will return to conducting the D.S.A. in 2018.
How long is the pledge period, and when will I receive my first pledge reminder?

Pledges can be made over a 5-year period, and parishioners may choose the beginning month and choose whether to receive monthly, quarterly, or annual reminders.
Thank you for prayerfully supporting this important campaign with your best sacrificial gift.  May God bless you! – Fr. Gordon