The stained glass windows of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish were graciously dedicated on August 22, 1982 by Bishop Kenneth Povish

The windows were made by the Conrad Schmitt Studios of Milwaukee. This company was founded in 1889 and has decorated churches and theaters throughout all fifty states and Canada.

The mouth blown antique glass is from England, France, Germany and West Virginia.

Stained glass windows are the original multimedia of the Catholic Church.

The teachings of the Bible come alive in pieces of painted glass intricately designed within the walls of St. Robert Bellarmine Church.

The Old Testament is depicted on the north side, beginning with Creation and Patriarchs, moving on to Moses and Prophets, followed by Melchisedech, and concluding with David The King.

The New Testament is revealed on the south wall, starting next to the pulpit with Annunciation, progressing to Nativity and Baptism Of Christ, followed by The Last Supper and Ascension, finishing with Pentecost.

Before literacy, stained glass windows in cathedrals and churches were used as teaching tools. Information in the windows was about more than just the story associated with the imagery.

Flowers, animals, color and objects provided important details to Christianity’s message of heaven and hell, love and redemption, and everlasting life. Lambs representing little children, doves for peace, white for purity, and red for blood are well known examples of symbolism.

Like most aspects of the Catholic faith, the symbolism in stained glass windows goes beyond the obvious. You will find symbols for souls (fish), industriousness (bees), immortality (crown), the Word of the Lord (sword) and divine blessing (olives), to name a few.

Red symbolizes sacrifice and white represents righteousness. The Holy Spirit and authority is represented with blue; redemption with silver; life and prosperity with green; and God’s Kingdom and glory with gold.

As you observe the colors of the stained glass windows, rejoice in the splendor of the ruby reds and glorious golds on a bright, sunny day. Notice the contrast of the warmth of our congregation and the cool tone of the windows on a blustery Michigan day.

Most of all, gaze upon our sacred history, immerse yourself with Jesus as your center and watch God’s promise of grace and redemption unfold before your eyes.

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