The Courtyard Garden Committee oversees this project with many volunteer hours spent in planning, decision making, and physical labor.

Our school garden was created in 2009 with two goals in mind – to create a beautiful, peaceful area for quiet contemplation out of the empty space that was left behind after the renovation of the school, and to give our students the opportunity to participate in and learn about growing healthy, natural foods.


We have accomplished much in the past four years, and we continue to expand and improve the courtyard garden as our funds and time allow each year. The student body gets involved each year with planting the produce, much of which get used in our lunchroom on the salad bar.

Teachers use the courtyard for hands on experience in teaching curriculum such as sustainability, the ecosystem, environmental awareness, the food web (insects, plants, birds,) weather observation and experiments, butterfly hatching and release, nutrition and healthy food choices, to name a few.

Our committee currently consists of:
Kathy Snyder
Barb Irwin
Judy Rau
Diane Baier
Elaine Baur
Katie Daniel
Amy Moreno

If you would like to get involved, contact Kathy Snyder at or 810-659-2505.