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August 28, 2016
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Mercy Marathon

51 Days of Fasting & Prayer for our Nation & World

The Jubilee Year of Mercy (Dec. 8, 2015 – Nov. 20, 2016) is rapidly coming to a close, and we are in greater need of mercy than ever!
Rightfully, we have concern for the November election & our nation’s future (religious liberty, protection of marriage & family values, selection of Supreme Court justices, respect for & defense of life), the fall 40-Days for Life campaign, terrorist attacks and violence sweeping the nation & world, the shortage of religious vocations and the Lost Sheep who have wandered away, and the coming 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparition & dire warnings at Fatima, Portugal (1917-2017). Therefore, let us take full advantage of this Year of Mercy by committing to acts of prayer and fasting from Saturday, Oct. 1 – Sunday, Nov. 20, Christ the King Sunday. Here are the details:

Commitment to Prayer and Fasting: Let us pray for mercy each day from Oct. 1 – Nov. 20 and fast on Wednesdays & Fridays each week. For adults, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet is recommended daily. For children, perhaps a commitment of 3 Hail Mary’s or 3 Our Father’s a day is sufficient. The weekly fasting may come in whatever form you are able to sustain. Some might abstain from meat or give up snacks or desert on Wednesdays and Fridays. Youth may give up video games, social media or TV time. One could fast from gossip, watching sports, or frivolous activities, as long as it is a true sacrifice. Divine Mercy Enthronements, Fasting Discussions and Commitment Cards will assist us in this marathon:

Divine Mercy Enthronements – Divine Mercy Images and enthronement packets will be offered again so as to focus our devotion in this Year of Mercy and beyond. You may pray the Divine Mercy Image enthronement prayers privately at home or after select liturgies on Oct. 1, 2, 4 & 5.

  • Saturday, Oct. 1 – enthronement after the St. Robert 5pm Vigil Mass
  • Sunday, Oct. 2 – enthronement after the Good Shepherd 11:15am Mass
  • Tuesday, Oct. 4 – enthronement after the Good Shepherd 6:30pm Communion Service
  • Wednesday, Oct. 5 – enthronement after St. Robert 6:45pm Communion Service

Fasting Discussions – Later in September, Fr. Gordon will lead after-Mass discussions on the meaningfulness & power of fasting in our spiritual lives. May these sessions assist in formulating your personal / family commitment to this spiritual marathon.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 27 – fasting discussion after Good Shepherd 6:30pm Mass, Fam. Life Center
  • Wednesday, Sept. 28 – fasting discussion after St. Robert 6:45pm Mass, Angel Hall

Commitment Cards – Pledge cards will be offered this week. Simply write your commitment to prayer and fasting on both cards (without signing them). Keep one card as a reminder and put the other card in the collection basket or return it to the parish office. These cards will be held before the altar as a sign of our desire for God’s Mercy to surround and protect us in all things.

Conclusion of the Year of Mercy: On Saturday, Nov. 19, a candlelit Eucharistic Procession will follow the 5pm Vigil Mass at St. Robert (weather permitting), and on Sunday, Nov. 20, a closing ceremony will be held at St. Robert Parish from 2-4pm with Eucharistic Adoration, reconciliation time and the singing of the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3pm. Let us conclude this Jubilee Year with a joyful celebration of Mercy!